July's Funding News

July's Funding News

Boshier-Hinton Foundation: Apply any time

Funding available: Up to £2,000

Aims and outcomes of funder: Support work improving the quality of life for people with disabilities/learning difficulties (and their families) as well as providing facilities/advocacy for children/adults with special educational or other needs

Additional information: Only registered charities can apply

Contact details: Telephone 01692 630695

Email: boshierhinton@yahoo.co.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/2GPxC1s

Sir Halley Stewart Trust: Apply any time, trustees meet February, June and October

Size of grant available: Main grants £5,001-£60,000 (mainly for salaries over 1-3 years with maximum £30,000 in any one year) and one off small grants up to £5,000

Aims and outcomes of funder: Support innovative/pioneering social, medical and religious projects with educational theme to enable human flourishing and to prevent suffering

Additional information: Only registered charities can apply

Contact details: Mrs. Lynnette Collinge (Secretary), telephone 020 8144 0375

Email: email@sirhalleystewart.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/2KdeWYJ

Philip Bates Trust: Apply by the end of January, May or September for trustee meetings in February, June and October

Size of grant available: Up to £500 (organisations) or £100-£250 (individuals) for up to 12 months

Aims and outcomes of funder: Advance the education of young people aged under 25 in the arts supporting their creative and artistic achievements or developing their creative and artistic interests/skills

Additional information: Prioritise applications from organisations (prefer specific projects) and individuals in the West Midlands

Contact details: Telephone 0121 747 5705

Email: info@philipbatestrust.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/2LO7uGQ

Near Neighbours: Apply by 11th October 2019

Size of grant available: Small Grants £250-£5,000

Aims and outcomes of funder: Support work that brings together neighbours/develops relationships across diverse faiths and ethnicities to improve communities encouraging social interaction/action through environmental, social, cultural, artistic and sporting projects/activities

Additional information: Dudley borough is one of named priority areas within the Black Country

Contact details: Telephone 020 7898 1508 or contact James Henderson (Lead Development Worker at Transforming Communities Together), phone 07946 771495/e-mail james.henderson@tctogether.org.uk

Email: hello@nearneighbours.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/2K27rVI

Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust: Apply any time, trustees meet in the spring and autumn

Size of grant available: 2017/18 grant range £2,000-£5,000 averaging £3,900

Aims and outcomes of funder: Support work with people who are socially disadvantaged and/or have mental and/or physical disabilities

Additional information: Only registered charities can apply

Contact details: Telephone 020 7841 4000

Website: https://bit.ly/2SPhaS1

Dudley MBC Short Breaks Small Bids Programme: Apply any time, Small Bids Panel meet at the end of each month

Size of grant available: Up to £499

Aims and outcomes of funder: Support organisations providing fun, safe and life enhancing social activities outside of school for disabled children or for disabled children and their families

Contact details: Access Team, telephone 0300 555 0050

Email: short.breaks@dudley.gov.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/2S0rnhr

National Lottery Heritage Fund: Heritage Horizon Awards, submit Expression of Interest by 11th October 2019. Announcement of successful shortlisted projects will be made by December 2019 and deadline for submission of development application is 31st August 2020 with outcome advised by 31st December 2020

Size of grant available: £50M fund for 2020-21 providing grants of £5million and above (no upper limit)

Aims and outcomes of funder: Support transformative, innovative and collaborative projects that show clear/ambitious plans bringing about positive changes and benefits for people, places and wider heritage addressing strategic priorities around landscapes/nature and heritage at risk

Additional information: This programme has two phases, development (up to two years) and delivery (up to five years) with maximum grant of 90% available in each phase

Contact details: Telephone 020 7591 6044

Email: enquire@hlf.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/2S0rnhr

W G Edwards Charitable Foundation: Apply any time with annual deadlines 10th March, June, September and December for trustee meetings in April, July, October and January

Size of grant available: £1,000-£3,000 (average grant £1,700) for capital projects (refurbishment, furniture or equipment) and/or innovative community initiatives promoting a proactive approach to physical/mental wellbeing

Aims and outcomes of funder: Improve wellbeing/quality of life for older people aged over 65 supporting their ongoing care helping them live active and fulfilling lives

Additional information: Only registered charities can apply

Contact details: Mrs. Tamzin Mackie (Secretary)

Email: wgedwardscharity@icloud.com

Website: https://bit.ly/1oRJBf3

Home Office Places of Worship protective security funding scheme: Apply by 31st August 2019 (four stages including site assessment) for consideration end of September and decisions in November 2019

Size of grant available: Up to £56,000 for projects costing up to £70,000 with minimum 20% contribution towards the overall total cost of the project required

Aims and outcomes of funder: Installation of up to three protective security measures at places of worship/associated faith community centres that are vulnerable to hate crime

Additional information: Only churches, gurdwaras, mosques, temples and community centres run by or near to a place of worship that is faith based/where regular worship takes place can apply

Contact details: Esotec Limited (first point of contact responsible for conducting site assessments, quotes and installations of all security measures funded under this scheme)

Email: pow_sfs@esotec.co.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/2KaqMCW

Power to Change Trust: Bright Ideas Fund reopening 6th August 2019 (deadline 30th September 2019) with additional funding rounds scheduled for February–April and August–September 2020 and February–March 2021

Size of grant available: Up to £15,000 (either £1,000-£10,000 Ideas stage or £1,000-£15,000 Pre-venture stage) plus up to 12 days community business development support

Aims and outcomes of funder: Support setting up of new community businesses through the start-up/planning stages with tailored business support to the implementation stage

Additional information: This programme is being delivered through a partnership of Co-operatives UK, Plunkett Foundation and Groundwork UK led by Locality

Contact details:

Email: brightideas@locality.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/32ZQWAZ

NHS England and NHS Improvement: Community Grants 2019, apply by 23rd September 2019 with decisions due week commencing 21st October

Size of grant available: Up to £2,500

Aims and outcomes of funder: Support projects showcasing good practice around patient/citizen involvement in healthcare involving them in healthcare work using the grant to share and showcase the project in a creative way

Additional information: Projects must start by 11th November 2019 with grant to be spent by 20th March 2020

Contact details: Kasia Markiewicz, telephone 07714 772779

Email: england.ppvcommunitygrants@nhs.net

Website: https://bit.ly/2SQAEWm

Architectural Heritage Fund

The Architectural Heritage Fund have recently launched their new Transforming Places Through Heritage programme available for projects involving a heritage building located in a high street/town centre in England where the focus is to revitalise the high street or town centre. They will support projects contributing to high street/town centre transformation helping them become thriving places, strengthening local communities and encouraging local economies to prosper maximising positive social impact.

The programme comprises five different funding opportunities as follows:

• Project Viability Grants up to £15,000 for early viability and feasibility work that explores different options for reuse/testing a single option.

• Project Development Grants up to £100,000 for capital project development costs (maximum 90% of the cost of the work).

• Crowdfunding Challenge Grants up to £25,000 to match fund crowdfunding campaigns.

• Transformational Project Grants up to £350,000 (capital projects) for the repair, restoration and adaptation of a building to bring it into use (maximum 90% of the cost of work). They expect to make 10-15 of these large grants during this four year programme.

• Community Shares Booster Grants up to £10,000.

Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss their project with the local support officer before submitting an application. The support officer in the West Midlands is Elizabeth Perkins, e-mail Elizabeth.Perkins@ahfund.org.uk or phone 0300 121 0745.

Applications can be made at any time.

For more information contact:

Tel: 020 7925 0199

E-mail: ahf@ahfund.org.uk

Website: http://ahfund.org.uk/england

Kings Fund

The Kings Fund have recently announced the launch of the 2020 GSK IMPACT Awards that reward organisations doing excellent work to improve people's health and wellbeing. Applications are invited from registered charities that are at least three years old and working in a health related field with annual income £80,000-£2.5M. There are three levels of awards in the range £3,000-£40,000 as follows:

1. One overall winner will receive £40,000.

2. Up to nine other winners will receive £30,000 each.

3. All ten winners will receive free training and development valued at £9,500.

4. Up to ten runners up will each receive awards of £3,000.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 23rd September 2019.

For more information contact Mandy McKinnon (IMPACT Awards Manager):

Tel: 020 7307 2493

E-mail: a.mckinnon@kingsfund.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/1gchMFl

Herefordshire Community Foundation (HCF)

Herefordshire Community Foundation operate a number of grant programmes with amounts available varying from £100 to in excess of £1,000. There are two funds available for projects outside of Herefordshire:

1. Joanies Fund offering grants up to £5,000 to organisations working with children and young people aged up to 25 focusing on projects leading to employment, further education, accreditation and integration. They prioritise innovative projects with an entrepreneurial approach and strong evidence of consultation with young people. Apply by January, May or September annually.

2. Judith Shrimpton Fund for organisations working to relieve needs of people with disabilities. Applications can be made at any time and, if applying on behalf of an individual, it is recommended that initial contact is made with HCF to discuss the need.

For more information contact:

Tel: 01432 272550

E-mail: admin@herefordshirecf.org

Website: https://bit.ly/2MshXXO

British & Foreign School Society

The British and Foreign School Society Grants to Charities programme supports educational and training institutions that are registered charities providing funding for up to 3 years for new work. They are interested in education/training for children/young people aged up to 25 widening educational access/opportunities for them reducing barriers to achievement maximising their educational opportunities with priority for projects in areas of deprivation or educational disadvantage.

The Grants Committee meet three times a year and the remaining deadline in 2019 is 19th August for meeting 16th October. In 2020 deadlines are 31st December 2019, 10th April and 19th August for meetings 26th February, 10th June and 14th October.

For more information contact Belinda Lawrance:

Tel: 020 7922 7814

E-mail: enquiries@bfss.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/2YsCPkg

National Lottery Funding Officer availability to meet potential applicants

John Goodman, Funding Officer at the Lottery with responsibility for Dudley borough, is available to meet voluntary and community sector organisations at our office on Wednesdays weekly. He will discuss projects with potential applicants and advise whether the Lottery may be interested in supporting these projects through one of their grant programmes.

If you would like to meet John his contact details are as follows so appointments at Albion Street can be arranged directly with him:

Telephone number (office): 0121 345 7617

Mobile number: 07837 248200

E-mail: John.Goodman@tnlcommunityfund.org.uk

Website addresses for various funding programmes:

Reaching Communities – https://bit.ly/2D0LSjM

Partnerships – https://bit.ly/2Gd58xC

Awards for All - https://bit.ly/2sWFaq2

DCVS address - 7 Albion Street, Brierley Hill, West Midlands DY5 3EE

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